Saturday, 7 May 2011

Perseverance pays off

Down Duff again around 5. I'm determined to put some good shifts in this month even though my patch resembles the Sahara Desert! I have 2 puddles left that can still attract new birds...hopefully? I was mulling over the possibilities (as we all do) in the Geoff Smith hide, when I heard an unfamiliar call. Over puddle number 1 flew a Greenshank (99) calling constantly. One brief circle and it flew off down towards Garganey hide and puddle number 2 were it appeared to land. So, armed with camera (which I had to retrieve from the car...yes, I still haven't rid myself of the habit) I quickly made my way down. Using my commando, stealth like technique, I crept into the hide for a peep and...the bird had continued on it's way!

Still, another example of a bird that makes a brief have to be there...right.

Off to Spurn tomorrow..hoping for a BIG usual.

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