Saturday, 7 May 2011

Northern Bald Ibis

Holiday highlights cont'...

16th April -  Zahara de los Atunes
We'd been down the coast road from Barbate to Zahara de los Atunes on a few occasions on our way south, and I'd had a quick glance in the fields adjacent to the road, but hadn't seen any evidence of the NBI that were released in the area in 2004 and are breeding in the area this year. So I decided to give it a good go this morning while Louise had a lie in. As I approached Zahara, just as dawn broke, I noticed a couple of likely contenders decending from the ridge to the east of the road. I parked the car and scanned the field with the bins...BINGO!
4 birds seen

These birds were not seen again despite being looked for on more than one occasion. Okay, re-introduced but still VERY rare...


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