Sunday, 22 May 2011


We made the trip to Filey today to try for the RUSTIC BUNTING. A smart male has to be worth seeing, right? We arrived about 10 and tested the facilities at the Country Park cafe. Jack Whitehead was behind the counter and there were quite a few birders present also enjoying some refreshments, including Frank Moffat who apparently found it...nice 1!
We then made the walk to the lane but couldn't see anyone? The pager informed us the bird hadn't been seen/reported since early morning. As we turned we bumped into 3 birders one of whom informed us that he had seen the bird around 10! We joined him and made our way back down the path. Within 2 minutes we were enjoying good views of the bird on the path...a right cracker!
It was nice to see Tony Dixon again. We had a good chat, catching up on stuff. He told me he was going to make Filey his "patch" and we both remenicsed over the place, saying how few rare birds it seems to turn up these days? Not like the good old days...cue violins! The wind was getting stronger so we returned to the cafe for lunch. Gary Taylor arrived for a bit of lunch and after a brief chat we left for home...and the Footy...
Seems like the bird wasn't seen again after we left...

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