Sunday, 1 May 2011


Any day with an Eagle sighting is a great day. I had a few great days in Spain.

12th April - Tarifa/Los Barrios Area
I had several attempts at trying to locate 2 rarities...Long-legged Buzzard and Ruppell's Vulture. I tried all the recommended sites but to no avail. Viewing across the strait was always misty and very windy (east), sometimes foggy and I saw very little evidence of migration during my visits.
On our way to the salubrious Los Barios tip in search of "The Vulture" I was fortunate enough to grab this shot of a STE...


The following day we decided to head for the mountains to try and get away from the incessant wind! We first visited the Ronda area...very nice. We then moved onto Puerto de Los Palomas...

Finally we decided to try a site for BONELLI'S EAGLE along the Via Verde near Coripe (Gos page 34).
We'd done a lot of miles on winding roads and I wasn't sure about visiting this location as we had a long drive home...I'm glad I did!

On his Throne

Spent a magic hour with a pair of these enigmatic birds...Dreamlandos!!!

Thanks Dave...

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