Saturday, 21 May 2011

Doing the rounds

Sightings more challenging now. Still, enjoyed prolonged views of a hunting Barn Owl plus a brief glimpse of my one note Cuckoo!
Got a call from Haydn around 9 informing me the Redstart was still singing on Skippy (Skipwith Common). He'd also had a couple of Spotted Flycatchers in a favoured spot. We had a good walk round checking out both sites but no joy for yours truly. Also got a call from Russell Slack (cheers pal) ..."Spoonbill at Wheldrake"! My first thought, yes, you guessed it, did it fly over NDC? I like to think I would have spotted it during my 2 hour stint? No, I didn't go. Just checked my records, my only LDV sighting... Wheldrake 21/5/1990!!

Not sure of tomorrows plan yet, partly due to Survival Sunday...bring it on!

Sometimes on the way to work I get a decent bird sighting...maybe a Barn Owl or a Buzzard. To put things in true global perspective, consider this

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