Friday, 17 December 2010

The holidays are HERE!!!

Always a sweet moment to reach the holidays, especially so at this dark time of year. No birding during the week and a bit of a mad dash at the weekend, not helped by the freezing conditions. Anyway, mustn't grumble, I've got 17 days now to get some quality birding in. The river has burst it's banks and I'm looking forward to having a good watch tomorrow morning. I'll be putting all notable sightings on here plus topical comment lucky people?

Always the optimist I'm still hoping for an early Christmas present like I got with these beauties!
19/12/2009 - GYR
23/12/2001 - BAIKAL TEAL
There's still time...

Unfortunately didn't manage to scan my Yorkshire Birding profile page but no matter, just pleased and honoured to have been asked....Cheers John!

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