Monday, 11 February 2019


Made it to Cornwall by 4.30am and grabbed an hours sleep. Another 90 minutes found me at the National trust car park at the Lizard. the southern tip of Britain. Extremities and Rare Birds eh!

It was still dark but a few cars were starting to roll up. The one next to me contained Dan Pointon who I'd last seen at Bempton... again involving an Albatross twitch. We were hoping for better luck this time.

We made our way down to the watch-point and set up our gear...

By 9am my dream of a BLACK-BROWED ALBATROSS shearing through the surf was starting to fade...slightly.

By 11 I needed a stretch and some refreshments, so I walked back to the V70 and bought her down to the cliff car park.

I reckon around 50 intrepid hopefuls had made the trip but by now some were leave.

Time for a much needed kip. Risky I know but unavoidable under the circumstances. I figured I'd hear the commotion if something occurred!?

I was back in the game by 3pm and gave it till 5 but it wasn't to be...again. Got back home at 1.30am after completing 940 miles

Obviously a difficult species to connect with...but I'll keep trying. Three sightings definitely made the trip worthwhile. At least it's in the North Atlantic and hopefully will turn up again this year. Bempton would be nice Trevor!

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