Monday, 24 July 2017

Carry on regardless!

Loved those films!

Crappy weather on the coast so we're heading for East Leake.

Bit of an issue on the M1...

Hopefully everyone OK! Fortunately North bound.

Rain has stopped and wind easing. A bit of lunch... then BEE-EATERS.

Writing this in Louise's car as we head back to Hull to pick up the V70 after its service. We enjoyed a nice hour watching the birds perform well, if distantly. The crowd was very small allowing for a relaxing experience.

Off to the pub for T so no time to post a pic from the camera. To be honest the images are small scale!!

I can however post a "phonescoped" attempt which came out surprisingly well...even though I say so myself...

After our meal at the Red Sails I became aware through a text from Gavin Atkinson (cheers pal) of a VERY confiding male Crossbill (P.122) at Skeffling. The bird was still present on arrival. I have to say didn't look well and it's behaviour made me concerned for its future as it was reluctant to fly as vehicles past by. Hope it makes it.

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