Monday, 17 July 2017


I decided to go to Wykeham to try for the Honey Buzzards that had showed really well yesterday. I DID get my first sighting here but the birds were VERY high...

Still, better than nothing.

I'd been there over 3 hours but this brief sighting was all I'd had. I was prepared to stay longer but things changed.

MEGA Cornwall AMUR FALCON 1s female reported St Buryan



Another message replacing the word reported with STILL!!!


446 miles. It was now past 1. I took the A64 - A1 - M18 - M1 - M42
M5 - A30.

Updates told me the bird was lingering. Would it wait for me and would the light hold?

My phone Sat Nav worked a treat and I arrived just after 8. The terrain on the Cornish peninsular is a challenge with limited viewing due to high walls and undulating topography.

Fortunately a (very) small group of admirers were present BUT the bird had moved!?

The next 15 minutes weren't great...then...

A change of fortune at last...and a bit of determination. I'll allow myself a small blast on my own trumpet this time!

I've managed to post this from my phone before I grab a few hours kip. I'm still at Buryan with my guard dog. Trevor Charlton is on his way down. I hope to be sharing his celebration in the early hours...

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