Friday, 5 May 2017

The Swift

What an enigmatic bird...a Birders bird.

The number of birders on social media mentioning their arrival (many in today), testifies to that. Below is a film clip that's well worth watching.

It IS my favourite species. With modernisation/demolition of many old buildings they have lost many of their nesting sites. One of many sites giving information on nest boxes can be found here. There are many people working hard to help this bird.

The film below popped up on my Facebook feed and reminded me of an encounter I had in Cyprus recently. I was admiring an Eastern Sub-Alpine Warbler from the hide at Larnaca Sewage Works. There were many hirundines zooming around and a few Swallows were inspecting the slit in the hide...rather closely!

Then a bang! I looked down on the floor of the hide...

 I expected a Swallow, I was amazed to see it was a Swift!!! The bird lay motionless. I could see it was still breathing so I carefully picked it up. A new experience for me. I descended the hide steps and gestured to Louise to come and have a look. She wasn't that keen!

What to do? It seemed to have revived and was shuffling in my hand. After a few minutes I decided to see if it would fly. However, before I did, I got Louise to take a quick pic...

With that I threw the bird in the air and we were pleased to see it fly away strongly. Great stuff!

I still haven't seen one here yet!

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