Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Pause for thought

Been off the pace the last few days. I did make the pilgrimage to Dunsop Bridge, Lancs to see the superb male PALLID HARRIER. Quite a hike (c6m) but worth it. The home made potato and apple pie combo at my Mothers on the way home was also a delight. Thanks Mum!

Plenty of Swallows, Sand and House Martins back at their local breeding colonies now. Swifts still at a premium though, I've only had a glimpse of a single bird? It actually feels like Spring today as the wind has dropped and the sky is blue!! It IS the tenth of May.

I made a feeble attempt to see the Wryneck down the road but no joy. I've put some decent time in around the village but I've not been able to turn up anything noteworthy...yet! Still there's still another 3 weeks plus so onward...

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