Friday, 3 March 2017

CYPRUS - Migration Magic

Sometimes an example can speak much louder than words. Especially in my case!

DEMOISELLE CRANE is mainly an Autumn migrant through Cyprus in numbers. Now and again though they arrive in March...big style...


Akrotiri Gravel Pits: 176 17-Mar (MKo)
Akrotiri Gravel Pits: 13 10 at 10.00h, 3 at 11.30h 19-Mar (CR)
Akrotiri Gravel Pits: 3 26-Mar (JS)
Akrotiri Gravel Pits: 3 together 31-Mar (SC)
Episkopi, Limassol: 20 flying NW @ 08:30 28-Mar (ADT)
Kantou, Limassol: 22 from S to N, possibly more in the V formation 29-Mar (JN)
M1 Pools, Limassol: 12 landed to SW of pools, closer to desalination plant 16-Mar (JN)
Paralimni Lake: 1 28 & 31-Mar (AKe)
Pegeia: 2+ heard, flying over in direction Kathikas, 19.05h, heard for 5mins 12-Mar (ATo)
Pegeia: 60 cranes' flying over westbound, 17.00h 12-Mar (KD)
Pegeia: 100 cranes' flying over westbound, 18.00h 12-Mar (KD)
Phasouri Reed-beds: 150 prob this sp. flying over heading north 7.30h 13-Mar (TH)
Phasouri Reed-beds: 199 largest flock 150 at 9.10 am, other groups thereafter 17-Mar (JN)
Phasouri Reed-beds: 15 moving North 22-Mar (JN)
Phasouri Reed-beds: 20 flying over 28-Mar (NBH)

Everything crossed...

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