Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Cyprus 17 - Scops Owl

Well, time's nearly up!

Yesterday was a very looooong day over at the East of the island. We left at 5am and I drove to Lake Palalimni (for a VERY good reason) while Louise slept. Using the indispensable Gosney guide we arrived at Sorita at 7. I'd been to the lake last winter but still found the access points puzzling. We tried site 2 overlooking Sorita pools which gave a panoramic view of the pools and lake. Maybe I would spot a Birder...I did!

He was walking across the dry lake towards 3 more. A Cyprus twitch!


We made our way around to site 1 to access the lake. Louise read while I made my way out towards the group. After around 10 minutes I was looking at a stunning male through my scope. Very nice indeed. I thanked the 2 Irish lads(Joe Donaldson and John Lovatt) who had found the birds (3/4 last night). Other birds present were initially thought to be Lesser Sand Plovers but they turned out to be Greater. A special moment and a great bird to bring up my 150 for the trip. I got some pics but the birds were distant and I didn't want to harass them. Colin, Bill and his mate Pat Dwyer turned up around 30 mins later. It was Colin that texted me last night with the news. You could say I was quite... grateful!!!

After a pit stop at McDonalds we headed for Cape Greco. We parked the car behind another. It was the above...again! Small world, the Birding world. Even smaller when Lance Degnan came along shortly afterwards! Colin had told him about the CP so he was on his way. We shared views of an interesting Eastern Stonechat before he left. We also "had" a female Pallid Harrier.

He saw "the Plover" and got a great pic.

The fest of our day was spent visiting sites around the Larnaca area. I added Greenshank, Shelduck and Black-necked Grebe (153) to my trip list.

I'm writing this in Armou square as we wait in anticipation of a Scops Owl appearance. Lance again managed a photo the other night, so I thought I'd give it one last try.

Back at the hotel with the tinternet. THREE Owls SEEN!!!

Camera/Moi had a nightmare but who cares. Louise held the torch but we were treated to great views by streetlights and even had flight views of this tiny Owl. We also got the resonating one note "song". Amazingly loud and pure.

A great end to another great day...

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