Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Cyprus 17 - Schoolboy error!


Tried for the possible RUFOUS TURTLE DOVE (meena) at the Dove hotspot of Mandria this morning.

Colin Richardson had kindly texted me the info yesterday. I crept out of our room at 6.45am. Halfway down the corridor I
realised I didn't have my old Nokia with the Cyprus SIM card!?

I didn't want to wake Louise so I matched onward.6

I found the site of Mandria Gardens and started my search. Around 7.45 a small yellow car pulled up along side me...it was Colin. "I've been texting and calling you, I've found the Dove!".

We made our way back to the spot, he located it as it departed.

Oh dear...or something like that!

I gave it a few sessions throughout the day but the bird didn't show.

A slightly different feeling than last night...and my own fault.

Got a pass out for the day tomorrow. I'm meeting Bill Stacy at Zakaki Marsh and he's going to show me some good spots on the Akrotiri Peninsula. Should be a great day. Chance of Baillon's Crake.

Might just pop back to Mandria first though...

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