Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Cyprus 17 - Game over

I always promise myself...and Louise, that I'll slow down on holiday. Now physically I have to but I'm afraid that once I get going I find it hard to stop. She knows I'm a nutter, which helps and I'm eternally in her debt for being so understanding. No, she doesn't read the blog!

Sounds like some kind of confession!

I like to think I share our time fairly i.e. she has a lie-in while I stagger out of bed. I've always hated getting up early. Not an ideal scenario for a Birder!

I'm writing this in Paphos airport departure lounge...unfortunately.

Thought I might post a few initial reflections on the three weeks.

1. Loved it!
2. Definitely back next March.
3. More sites with potential than I realised...and I know where they all are now!
4. Met some great people, very friendly and helpful. Some VERY skilfull birders. I've learnt a lot. Learning by experience has always been the way for me.
5. Hotel was superb in every way.
6. Infrastructure is excellent, allowing easy and fast access to all sites...and there are plenty of street signs... unlike Spain, were you could easily spend 30 mins trying to get through a village.
There's also an excellent Motorway between Paphos and Larnaca.
7. Weather - better than Britain!
8. The Birds of course...

Time to go. I'll try not to be too repetitive when I add a few pics.

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