Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Cyprus 17 - Detention over!

Right...let me see if I could correct my error.

Left at 5.30 and was at Mandria Gardens for 6. I positioned the car so I had the rising sun behind me and then looked across to the area around the dead tree. Quite a few Wood Pigeons and Collared Doves were around.

Then at 6.10 a Dove flew in from the East over my car and landed in the tree.

There it was! I love my "interest".

I rattled a few shots off but the light was still poor. It was definitely a Turtle Dove sp lol! Quite a relief after yesterday's blunder.

As I'm sure you can appreciate I'm on holiday with my VERY understanding partner! I haven't got the time to study the finer points of Turtle Dove ID. A few of the island Birders are happy with it as a RTD meena. I've seen a few images that show contrasting features? Colin's pics on his Facebook site... Cyprus Birder" do show pale/white fringes to the coverts and no white on the neck. My impression of jizz this morning suggested a stocky (Stock Dove) bird but my time with the bird was very brief.

Time will tell...and it was time to leave for Limassol...car wouldn't start!!

Eventually it did. Sod it...I'm off!

Arrived at the hide at Zakaki around 7.15. Parked, forgot about the car... there's a BAILLON'S CRAKE to find. As I started to climb the steps...a movement to my right. Little...no BAILLON'S!!!
Images were obtained.

I was planning on meeting Bill at 9 but my thoughts now turned to the car. I couldn't start it! Not good to be stranded down Lady's Mile. Miraculously it eventually fired. I HAD to return to Paphos. I hadn't said which day to Bill...so I'll return on Thursday.

So back for breakfast and a car change. Worked out a treat and we ended up with a new Ford Focus!

I took Louise for a walk from the hotel to Kato Paphos...NO Birding.

After lunch she chilled out by the pool and I headed for Anarita Park to follow up on the reported Rock Thrush (old school).

Arrived around 3 and scanned from the extremely comfortable car seat. As you know I'd already had my surprise moment with this iconic species... which will NEVER be bettered...but I'm greedy! I've invested days/weeks over the years trying to find this species.

After around 30 mins I was enjoying "crippling views" of my second male... down to 30 feet...and singing...softly.

All to myself and not a soul in sight. Wonderful.

Anything else is secondary for me...but I did have excellent views of a stunning Eastern Black-eared Wheatear.

Not a bad day...

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