Monday, 13 March 2017

Cyprus 17 - Day 5...a brighter day

Today's tale begins down at the Lower Ezouzas. There was actually a trickle of water present after the weekends much needed rain (over an inch).

Louise wasn't to impressed but it will improve the Birding habitat no end! The island looked wonderful today, green and covered with wild

The LE produced excellent views of Serin (8). Great to see these tiny finches well. I also saw my first trip Lesser Whitethroat. I spent the rest of the morning exploring some of Dave Gosney's sites from his indispensable guide. I had mixed results...finding them that is! I think some are not what they once were.

The sewage works produced a lovely pair of Spur-winged Plover, such an elegant species. I also added Green Sandpiper and Sparrowhawk. The rest of the morning was spent trying to find a Laughing Dove in Mandria..I failed.

After lunch we had a ride out to Aphrodite's Rock, a nice spot enhanced by the now brilliant sunshine and impressive surf.

To finish the day I tried to find Agia Carver's soakways... but got lost! All was definitely not lost when I found a couple of superb Great Spotted Cuckoos. Huzzah!!!

One of my "specials".

Trip list building nicely and some improvement of my local site knowledge...I think!

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