Tuesday, 31 January 2017

PALLID Harraser?

If only...and not that I ever would, of course!
I've had quite a few close views but no decent pic. It's a (very) quiet time of year and today the weather was poor. My dog needs walking EVERY day though. So why not Welwick?
There was just a single car present when I arrived and I spotted the Birder way out on the marsh embankment. There was a strong, cold southerly wind which meant there was no shelter at all. From the car I saw the Harrier! It was making it's way along the near embankment and flew right past the entrance gate...what a teaser! Right place, right time? It's a hell of a big area though. It's been seen at Spurn and Stone Creek.
My brief view was enough to convince me to make the effort. I got the full clobber on and tried to find some shelter by the gate. There wasn't any. I started to scan. It was there again but of course very distant, as per usual...as I had my camera! My fellow Birder eventually made it back to the gate. Nice chap. He informed me he'd been close to the bird but his camera battery was flat! He'd also seen the Black Brant plus some White-fronts and 2 Bean Geese. Interestingly, he was also convinced he'd seen a Goshawk!
After he left I gave it an hour but today was another frustrating session.
My best efforts...
Maybe next time...

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