Monday, 9 January 2017


Another maelstrom whipped up online over the past day or so. A putative (Western or maybe Eastern) ORPHEAN WARBLER was found at Newmarket. Many making a judgement on a single photo. It has since transpired that the bird is indeed a Lesser Whitethroat! This scenario has happened many times in the past. Personal insults are not the way forward but are unfortunately inevitable. Pressure that even leads to experienced Birders changing their opinion. Debate on ID is fine BUT personal abuse ISN'T.
The Internet is a wonderful tool but it obviously publicizes all kinds of behaviour. Genuine errors are fine (we all make them) BUT I've no time for "experts" who ridicule others and take the misplaced "high ground".
Tonight's Texas image is of my favourite Warbler. It's not the sharpest but it was the best I could manage this trip...
The peerless Black and White

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