Saturday, 10 December 2016

Poor wise

Bad weather today (Friday).
Temps down to single figures and a strong Northerly wind. Still, I'm in Texas, so get on with it man!
We drove as far South as possible to Sabal Palms Sanctuary. A wonderful reserve that I have visited many times. Today however it was understandably quiet. I had a walk down some trails which brought back many memories but I only saw Green Jays...
...and White-tipped Doves at the feeders. I was hoping for an Altamira Oriole but the lack of fruit didn't help.
By 11 I was feeling it so we moved on.
I decided Birding from the car would be a smart move today so we headed for the Old Port Isabel Road, famous for Aplomado Falcon. The road is notoriously poor in quality and after the recent rains it was too much for our hire car so the drive was abandoned...
This was the start but it soon got MUCH worse. A superb consolation was this Reddish Egret in the first channel (spotted by Louise)...
An immature bird with a dark bill
Last stop was Oliviera Park in Brownsville. It's a regular roosting site for Red-crowned Parrot. I'm, getting worried about my Parrot chasing! We arrived at 4.30pm. The park was deserted. I wrapped up again and had a walk around the reasonably small area. Then 2 candidates flew over and landed on a wire. Parrots but which species? They flew off!
Was that my chance? Ten minutes later a deafening noise and in they numbers...
I like wild Parrots!

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