Sunday, 6 November 2016

The last twitch?

Left home at 4.30am and headed South. The usual dilemma. I could have "gone for dawn" but it wasn't a tick, just a photo opportunity and a chance to refresh memories of Spurn 23/10/95...a great moment. I digress. News came through at was still there.

Onward from Cambridge.

My new techno phone has a VERY impressive Sat Nav which took me straight to the car park at Minsmere via an excellent route. I was slightly worried when I saw a dead end sign...that was until I realised I was actually IN the reserve!

It was 9.30am by now. It was cold but clear. The car park was full...not all twitchers of course but there was still a healthy crowd of hopefuls. The dawn crowd had obviously scored and thinned. Very wise. Still it was on show ALL DAY (on and off)...yesterday. Alas, not today.

I gave it till noon and headed home. Never mind. Hindsight nagged again...but only slightly. No news on the EBT, although there probably wasn't a great gathering. My pal Steve Lawton missed it for his British tick by 10 minutes...gutted for him!

Is that it for the year then? Who knows. If something does arrive, I hope it gets here before the 28th Nov...or after the 20th Dec.

A juvenile PALLID HARRIER at Welwick Marsh with a RLB as support didn't help the drive home. That's the way it goes...sometimes.

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