Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Snow Bunting

Buntings are not my favourite family...well at least "old world" ones. I am partial to Painted and Varied, it has to be said!
I do like a Snow Bunting though. There's just something about them. They cheer up a short day.
News came through on the pager around that the juvenile PALLID HARRIER had re-appeared at Spurn, obviously crossing back North over the Humber from Lincs. It had drifted north over the Gas Terminal and then out to sea at 9.25?
Needless to say it was all over by the time I got there. Never mind. I returned home for my friend and took him another walk.
After lunch I returned to the Gas Terminal and decided to go for a long walk along the clifftop. The weather was great for the time of year. As I approached the manure heap I saw a flash of white from a bird disturbed by Bud. It had to be a Snow Bunting. It disappeared around the back of the heap. I made my way to the area I thought it had landed in and waited. No sign. I returned to the path only to find the bird was right in front of me.
I spent a pleasant hour watching this little cracker and was joined for a while by Richard Boon my neighbour who I'd texted. The bird fed constantly and was very active.
Below are a few images which hopefully do the bird justice...
So, another example of quality on the East Coast even at this late stage of the year. As if to emphasize this...the PALLID HARRIER was seen again late afternoon at Welwick!
This was today's star though...

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