Wednesday, 28 September 2016


12.03 MEGA Western Isles YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO Lewis at north end in Ness at South Dell south of A857 in last garden west of stream at 11.55am

Mmmmmm! Tempting especially after missing the Porthgwarra bird due to being marooned on Scilly...where it should have been!!

How to get there? Ferry or Plane (Charter or Schedule). I can go, I'm still very keen and I need it for my British what's the problem?

1. The weather forecast - gale force winds up to 50mph and torrential rain through tonight and tomorrow morning. That rules the Ferry out! With my sea legs and a 2.5 hr crossing (if it sails?) I'd be in no fit state to see it anyway.
Gales and locally severe gales are expected to develop across much of Scotland and the far north of England for a time on Thursday. Gusts of 50-60 mph are likely in many areas, whilst the strongest winds, with gusts of around 75 mph, are possible across the Hebrides, Sutherland, Caithness and Orkney during the first part of the morning.

Please be aware that potential impacts could include minor travel disruption with some bridge restrictions, and possible damage to trees and structures. Additionally, large waves will build off northern and western coasts of Scotland with the risk of some wave overtopping here.

2. OK, fly from Inverness then! I'd be looking at north of £500 for the trip on my own with the flights, an overnight stop, car park, taxi's, food, petrel etc. Oh and Bud in the kennels for 4 nights! Yes but you've chartered twice I hear you cry. I have, but they were both top drawer species namely CAPE MAY WARBLER and BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO.

YBC is a fantastic bird and is right up there on my "most wanted" list BUT I feel I have a reasonable chance of connecting with one in the future (God willing). Also, I'm not made of money and I have to choose carefully how to spend it...don't we all! I like my trips abroad, they give much better value!

I can (hopefully) look back on this decision when I'm looking at one on Scilly in my retirement and say..."remember that one I let go in 2016"...?

p.s. FULL MARKS to Dan Pointon for going and finding the bird. I predict it WILL be there tomorrow.

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