Friday, 23 September 2016

Positive post

Instead of telling you what I haven't seen...I'll tell you what I have. Don't expect too much though!
Snakey lane is almost always good value. Definitely the most birdy stretch of road in Holmpton, not a lot t..............No, I won't say it!
On one visit with Phil we had Peregrine (with prey) and Buzzard in the same scope view. Phil commented it may have had one of the Stock Doves he was looking for?!
I reckon they've bred in the area.
I also dug out a freshly bathed Yellowhammer...
Phil sent me some old Holmpton records to give me a boost, they made interesting and encouraging reading.
I spent the last couple of hours down at Old Hive (just North of Out Newton) for no reward. As I reached the car at 6.15 I read a message...
East Yorkshire Osprey Easington flew South past caravan park at 6pm

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