Friday, 16 September 2016

PG Dips

Getting this one out of my system early...good therapy!

Up at dawn and down to Out Newton with Bud. Just getting my stuff together when I get a text...

MEGA E.Yorks PALLAS'S GRASSHOPPER WARBLER Kilnsea trapped and ringed and will be released at 7.40am

Let's just say I got there asap. I arrived 7.37, thinking I'd made it! As I pulled up people were leaving (not a good sign). Too late, it had been released. Rather disappointing that. Never easy walking in, when most are walking out! The bird is released when appropriate and that's that.

The chances of seeing this species again are slim. I returned home with my pal, shared the bad news with Louise and returned without the pooch. As I was leaving the village I noticed I had a missed call from Trevor Charlton. On returning it I discovered he was just approaching the village from Withernsea! After a brief chat we made our way to Kilnsea. We parked up and entered Church Field.

After around 30 minutes Gary Taylor organised a flush. The field was covered well but no sign of the bird.

By lunchtime the rain had set in and I'm back home writing this.

PGW and LANCEOLATED WARBLER are the two species that I hoped by living close to Spurn I might connect with if they were trapped. The fact that I was at Out Newton helped...but it wasn't to be.

Hindsight played it's usual cruel game. The only thing that may have helped was the radio but no matter now.

So that's my tale of woe in a nutshell. A Yorkshire tick goes begging. To ease the pain I recalled my good luck in reaching County Durham for my British tick...which was amazing really.

If you're into this game you'll know the feeling. Maybe there'll be another in the County before I depart, maybe not...

There...I feel better already...just!

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