Wednesday, 7 September 2016


An hour from first light on the cliff rewarded me with a Whinchat. As you know I'll take anything I can get down there!
Afer breakfast I was on my way to Kilnsea Wetlands to hopefully score my overdue Curlew Sandpiper for the year. As I was getting out of the car a message from Steve Exley over the radio..."the Great White Egret has just left Hornsea and is heading South!"
A possible Holmpton tick?
I gave it half an hour back at the Village but no sign.
Another message, this time from John Hewitt "I've got the Great White Egret over Beacon Ponds!!!" Oh dear I said, or words to that effect. So back down to the bird magnet. As I drove along Easington Straight I picked it up (this time) alongside the flood bank. It was a good 200 yds away and the views were poor through the heat haze...
I waited.
After around 20 minutes the group on the flood bank stared to move closer and the bird lifted...
Iy circled and then started to head South. I re-positioned the car...down to the Crown and Anchor and hoped. I got lucky as the bird flew over the road right above my head...
I was obviously pleased to get such a close view but slightly disappointed I didn't manage to pick it up from Holmpton. I'll have to concentrate harder!
Late afternoon I gave it another couple of hours at the gas terminal hoping for a glimpse of the elusive Wryneck. It didn't happen. It had been seen well if briefly mid-afternoon by Steve Webb.
Maybe tomorrow?

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