Monday, 5 September 2016

A day out...of the Patch

Time for a day out. A couple of tempting birds in the area. Be rude not to (an in saying at the moment...apparently).
So, over the bridge to Alkborough Flats, my first visit. I followed the signs to the car park, got my gear together and started along the path...and kept going...and going! Good exercise.
The view from the top...
Onward...and downward...

At the bottom of the hill there was a remarkably full disabled car park?! I made my way another 100yds to the hide. Luckily there was some space as a couple of chaps were just leaving. I settled in. The pager message said "showing well" as it often does. However it didn't say at what distance. I reckoned 150 yds!! It only came to the edge of the reeds sporadically although you could get decent scope views on occasions.
Then a familiar face appeared, someone I had't seen for a good while.. Brian Fendley. It was great to see him and we had a good chat. Also present was my neighbour Richard Boon! Small world sometimes.
I took some token pics but the distance and poor light made it futile really. Anyway I'll post (a heavily cropped) one just for the record...
Looks more like a painting!
I left around 2pm and finally made it back to the car.
Back over the bridge and onto North Cave Wetlands, which seems to increase in size and develop every time I visit. Nice to see they've improved the road surface. I made my way around to Reedbed lake and immediately had stunning views of the Spotted Crake all to myself...
Again the light was poor but it was a wonderful opportunity to study the intricate plumage of this species at close range in a tranquil setting.

Loved it!

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