Wednesday, 13 July 2016


As already stated I have a lot of enforced spare time at the moment. I make no apologies though for bringing my favourite film (I named my first GSD after it) to your attention. I've just watched it again for the first time in a fair while. I feel I enjoy it more with each viewing. It's hard/impossible to force your opinion on others, so I won't try.
All I'll say is this...
You may want to view it? It's a Western, yes...but it's MUCH more than that. It's Good v Evil. It's a masterpiece of cinema with an epic backdrop (Grand Teton N.P..) It has the ultimate "baddy" in Jack Palance..."He was so mean the dog moved when he moved". I could go on but you'll thank me not too! Some fantastic reviews here
Maybe you'd like to give it a watch...and if you already have won't be disappointed.
Just one personal indulgence (or another). Here's a photo of the Grand Tetons taken on our visit in August 2011...
Quite a sight, I think you'd agree!
My Big lad Shane with my Dad and his beloved Emma...great days...

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