Saturday, 30 July 2016

List tidying and hunting them down

Finally tallied my lists (viewable in detail via tabs at top, summary in right hand column) in preparation for the Autumn Birding. I'm still using my original Bird recorder programme purchased in ...1987! I tried hard to convert it to my new laptop but it's not compatible so I'm just using the old model to update periodically...and preying it doesn't blow! It would be a very sad day.

I'm trying to increase my daily walking distance so this morning I had a stroll along Skeffling bank and made it as far as Weeton. It was extremely quiet. I'm sure you've got the picture now, so time to move/stride on.

On my way back I stopped at a site at Out Newton were I'd had luck with Bullfinch (scarce on the Patch) previously. I'd checked it out a few times earlier in the year with no joy. This time within 10 minutes I'd had brief sightings of white rumps on 2 occasions. Far to quick for my camera. A satisfying addition to the year list (P.151).

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