Friday, 22 July 2016

Caspian Tern

Funny what us Birders remember.

May 13th 1993. I was in Swantail hide at Wheldrake when news came through of a Caspian Tern at Southfield Reservoir. I'd seen the Cheshire bird at Neumann's Flash in May 1992 but this would have been a Yorkshire tick. I have to admit I wasn't an avid County lister in those days but I would have "had a go" except that it was mid-evening and I didn't know were it was! Oh and I was a good half hour from the car.

I also missed the Spurn bird in April 2013 (as well as Rock Thrush and Baikal Teal at Flamborough)

What has this got to do with anything?

Another has been seen in the County...this evening! It had been near Bolsover for most of the day and flew north to Orgreave lagoon in South Yorkshire around 6pm. It didn't stay long and headed further who knows where?

I'll place myself strategically tomorrow and hope for the best...

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