Friday, 20 May 2016

LAMMERGEIER - seen again!

The Giant bird is seen...again! I don't know, you go to the area and give it 2 days. You return home and...guess what...

12.05 MEGA Devon LAMMERGEIER (probably 1s) south of Brandis Moor over Cookworthy Moor Plantation for 20 minutes late morning then drifted west

Oh dear...or words to that effect!!! That's the ups and downs of twitching.

At least it wasn't seen again after 6pm on Wednesday when we departed. Now that IS looking on the bright side. This latest sighting isn't even on Dartmoor but approx. 30 miles to the NE.

What to do now?


Update: Thing is, it's not that simple, or is it? Just go, look and be in the area (granted a BIG area). It's a dream bird to see in Britain. There's been no further sign today and birders have been at this site. The weather forecast is poor, at least till lunchtime. It's impossible to estimate how many birders will try tomorrow, although it IS the weekend.

I'll sleep on it...not sure how long for though!

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