Friday, 27 May 2016


I returned home last night with my tail once again between my legs after my third failed attempt. I'm thinking 70 hours now. Just to rub further salt in, the pager informed me this morning that the bird was "reported" yet again yesterday. What joy! Where? You guessed it, exactly where I was viewing from!!!

It's difficult for RBA. They're damned if they do etc

The mixture of "reports" paints a very confusing and frustrating picture leaving one not knowing what or who to believe? The positive out of all this (believe me I had to dig deep to find one) is that my hunch about the bird returning to Dartmoor has proved correct (providing the sighting is correct of course). This has eased my conscience somewhat after starting at Dartmoor on Tuesday morning therefore missing the bird in Cornwall. This is getting confusing.

Once again've got to be in win it!

So I better get in it...again. I'm taking Louise out for an Indian tonight!!!

I WILL post a report on my BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO twitch but it will have to wait until this prolonged episode has way or the other.

UPDATE: I've finally had enough...for now. The plethora of dodgy sightings has turned the chasing of this magnificent bird into a farce. I'm not convinced it's still on Dartmoor. I'll only make my next visit on 100% definitive news...if that ever happens!

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