Monday, 30 May 2016

Great White Egret - NDC 151

I paid another visit to Sunk Island this morning to enjoy the Turtle Dove once more. It was dry but VERY windy! I tried to find some shelter and tried even harder to hear the bird. As previously mentioned the sound this bird makes is far-carrying...fortunately. After around 15 minutes I got lucky despite the swaying trees...
Lunch again with the boss, then a planned visit to Spurn to stand looking into a bush for a singing Melodious Warbler, in a gale force wind of course!
3.04 North Yorkshire Great White Egret North Duffield Carrs mid-afternoon
That's better. The chance of a Duff' tick! Surely not 2 this Spring? I left at 3.10 and was in the hide at 4.14. A lone birder was present and he immediately gave me the great news that the bird was present.
This species was on my shortlist of possible additions to my NDC list (as was Black Tern). To get both within a few weeks was a BIG bonus.
I contacted Haydn who unbeknown to me had missed the message. Within half an hour he'd joined me in the hide. 5 minutes later Elaine from the village arrived. It was like old times! It was great to see them both.
After they left I had a walk down to Garganey hide. I was pleasantly surprised as it had been repaired after the winter floods. The GWE was slightly nearer and I managed my best distant image...
It's taken 30 years for this species to arrive. There's a thought!

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