Sunday, 7 February 2016

Local additions

Haven't had time to compile my numbers from Cyprus yet. Hope you're not too disappointed!

Cold wind here today, so my exploits were pretty feeble to be honest. The morning exercise for Bud found us down at Spurn. On the way down I noticed the goose flock was present (no sign yesterday afternoon). Would have been rude not to stop.

Glad I did. After a few minutes I picked out a couple of geese that were separate from the main flock of Greylags that looked "different". I only had my bins and camera and the birds were a good 100 yards away. The 2 birds were also lay down not feeding like the GG. I decided to give them some time. After a while they both started to feed and luckily they were the nearest two birds.

It was an excellent opportunity to compare similar species...

Tundra Bean Goose (right) with Pink-footed Goose
Mid-afternoon I spent an hour sea-watching from Easington Gas Terminal. Again, only had the bins (lazy). Encouragingly there was some movement. There was a steady stream of Auks moving North, some (handily) pretty close. Most were Guillemots (P.91, S.56) BUT I managed to spot a couple of Razorbills (P92, S.57) close in. My main target was Gannet (P.93, S.58) and eventually I found one way out near the rigs.

It's amazing what you can see through the Trinnies!

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