Friday, 26 February 2016

A hint of Spring?

Had a constitutional between Kilnsea Wetlands and Beacon Ponds this morning. It was cold (4c) but very still...which made it feel warmer? Anyway, I enjoyed the mosey to the hide were I was greeted with an uplifting sight...

Avocet P.94, S.59
There were 2 birds present. They had been reported previously but this was my first sighting of the year of this graceful if aggressive species. A good start. An amusing incident followed when a group of Brents circled in and landed right by the Avocets. They seemed overwhelmed for a few moments before slowly striding away.

Beacon Ponds next.

VERY quiet I'm afraid. Bud always heads for the water down the ramp but I point out his mistake to him...not before he flushes a Greenshank however from the near bank. Would I have seen it?

It landed on the far side...

Dare I say there was a hint of Spring in the air? The singing Skylarks help...

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