Thursday, 4 June 2015

Relative MEGAS

As you can see I've seen a few over the years. Not as many as some yet more than others. I started at 33 so my lists spans 25 years. I missed some through family commitments and holidays...amongst other excuses.

My intention is to "enjoy" many more over the coming years. I've had a bad trot over the past few years regarding American passerines missing SCARLET TANAGER, HERMIT THRUSH, YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO and now SWAINSON'S THRUSH.

The Tanager and the Cuckoo involved me being at the wrong end of the lands end peninsular. The HT was an error in planning and the ST I just didn't go for!

What's my point?'s this. I want some to go for in my later years, which will hopefully include retirement (a movable target) when I can go at the drop of a hat. All the above I feel will occur again in the not to distant future (he hopes). Many of the "young guns" are chasing around gobbling them up, which is totally understandable in these modern times of super fast information and ease of transport. They have many years ahead.

Recently my personal situation has improved dramatically (I'll spare you the details) which does give me the option of semi or full retirement. My "problem" is I like to travel...a lot! Luckily so does Louise! More on trips later in the month.

The problem with my twitching plan is....I don't know how many years I've got. Then again...who does! One more thought...when the years ARE doesn't matter anyway!!

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