Sunday, 14 June 2015


Severely tempted by the EASTERN BLACK-EARED WHEATEAR in the New Forest. It's being mooted as a possible split. I saw a Western in Norfolk at Stiffkey in 1993. In the end I declined and as it turned out I didn't miss it as it departed many previous records of this species have. A cracking, truly beautiful bird though...

Then it happened. No sign for the unfortunate troops yesterday BUT at 8.08 am this morning...

MEGA: CRETZSCHMAR'S BUNTING male again Bardsey Island at south end 6 - 7.30am on and off.

What to do?
Initial thought as always...GO!!!

Hang on though. I'm 5 hours away and many others will be closer and will therefore get there sooner. Rumours of only twelve not 24 per boat Only 2 going at 12.30 and 1.30. Would be tight/impossible.

So, after much deliberation...NO!

Then at 9.40 news of more boats in the afternoon! Relaxing hobby this? To cut it short I reckoned I'd still struggle to get across. It's a Sunday and a BIG bird, so as already stated, plenty ahead of me in the queue.

My only chance though?, I'm at work tomorrow! A period of stewing ensued.

Time to ring a few workmates to beg for a shift swap. Phone call number 4 was returned a tense 15 minutes later in the affirmative!! The twitch is on..providing boats are going tomorrow of course.

At time of writing boats have been confirmed from 7.30am and the bird is feeding on seed around the lighthouse.

Wish me luck...

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