Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Keeping the Faith

News broke this morning...

Cumbria...RED-EYED VIREO...Walney Island


I've just been reading some comments on-line.

"Just another REV", "Why is it a MEGA?" "I went for a Rough-legged Buzzard instead" etc etc

I find the dilution of these wonderful birds occurrences VERY disappointing. I've been fortunate enough to see 2. One at Spurn (a notable Yorkshire tick) and one on Scilly. I've seen many in the States BUT I'd love to see another in Britain and would make a major effort to get there.

I'm biased of course. ANY American Warbler/Vireo is special in my book. I feel this modern dismissal of many rare species is a disappointing trend. It's got to the stage for some it seems whereby it's almost got to be a first for Britain or don't waste my time!

Be careful what you wish for though. In this listing game of diminishing returns, if you're an " old fart" (like me) with a big list (well not bad) and the only time you're going to get a "rush" is for a Lifer. You're going to spend a long, long time in between times...er...not excited!

Surely better to appreciate ALL rarities that come our way...much more excitement...and contentment?

Young Andrew Kinghorn connected with the bird this afternoon. Sure, it was a Lifer for him and only c20 birders were present. I believe he will still appreciate the rare birds...when he's an "old fart"...like me!

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