Monday, 24 November 2014

Deep South (6)

It would soon be time to head north, way north, in search of a species that I'd  not really had a decent shot at in all my visits to the States. A common bird (code 1) but it just hadn't fitted in with my holidays which had been Spring and Summer and mainly southern based. Any ideas? More in the next post.

I would be returning to Florida in the latter part of our trip to target some highly desired species that hadn't arrived yet. I'd also be re-visiting...

...for my number one target.

Here are a few more pics from this superb reserve...

Green Heron

Brown Pelican
It's wasn't ALL about birds! There's some pretty smart animals about as well...

The middle third of our holiday was mainly sightseeing. I WILL give a brief summary. You may...or may not, be interested. If it's the latter you can always hit the little x at the top right of your screen!

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