Thursday, 27 November 2014

Always a chink of light through the gloom

As the year draws to a close and the daylight is limited, especially on days like today, with thick cloud and heavy drizzle, you just hope that something occurs to lift the spirits somewhat.

Out on the clifftop at Easington for the daily dog walk. Difficult to find somewhere that's not plastered with mud! Not that Bud minds.  Anyway, I stayed by the car and did the fetch and retrieve scenario, lazy I know BUT practical in the conditions.

The field in question is by the Gas terminal. I'm always a tad wary with the regular passing of police vehicles but they obviously/hopefully know who I am by now and I don't get questioned anymore.
I often risk a quick scan of the tall tower on the sharp bend.

Again, always a bit reluctant to point the bins/camera in that direction. Anyway I'm here to tell the tale and here's what I was hoping to see...


It seems I've caused a bit of a stir with my comments regarding nasal markers on ducks. Never mind, I'm getting used to it!

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