Thursday, 20 November 2014

A (very) late Redstart...and a year tick!

I made my way down to Kilnsea on a glorious summer-like morning to take a look at an interesting Redstart. Who'd a thought it. Redstart (P.160, S.122) as a year tick on the 20th of November (my birthday incidentally...just thought I'd throw that in).

A controversial bird with some leaning towards Ehrenberg's Redstart? The extremely late date does get you thinking...doesn't it? it is...

Pale wing panel and greyish wash to the breast
As Gary Taylor said though..."If it turned up at the end of September, would it get a second look?" It does make you wonder where it came from to arrive on such a late date. After having a chat with Gary, Mick Turton and Steve Exley I left to take Bud a walk. A couple of Chiffchaffs were present in the Crown and Anchor car park and a Redwing was actually singing by the Gas Terminal!

It was also great to see an old friend on the way home...

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