Sunday, 26 October 2014

Scilly summary...but no laughing matter!

People of various persuasions read this blog. Friends, family, casual birders and hard core twitchers...amongst others. I am grateful to all for deeming it worthy of a read.

I didn't see "the Cuckoo". Disappointed? You bet. This was my number one "most wanted" bird to add to my British list. Scilly had to give me the best chance to see this usually short staying/lived species.


That's 3 dips at Lands End in 4 years...cue violins! My strategy was luck was BAD!

Around 150 dedicated souls assembled on the moorland above Porthgwarra car park. By 9.30 hope was By 11 I was back at the B&B in Pendeen picking up Louise. We hung around the peninsular till 3, visiting Mousehole and the Minack Theatre (the least I could do) then we headed home.

Scilly?   Already booked for next year.

The right strategy?   I obviously think so!

Am I right?   Who knows? Not this year as I was stranded only 20+ miles from the bird but no boat or plane on flights on Friday!

I know   I'll stay at home by the pager and not have my week on the islands. No chance!!

Granted, it's been another quiet year and each year less birders are making the pilgrimage. Shetland is (understandably) in vogue and it got me the RUBYTHROAT and CAPE MAY.

Two of my strongest personality traits...stubbornness and loyalty mean I am compelled to return...besides, we love the islands!

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