Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Rough-legged Buzzard redemption

After a somewhat sticky spell rarity wise...I decided I needed to SEE something today. I'm afraid I weakened and deserted the Patch for a trip to Bridlington to try for the juvenile Rough-legged Buzzard that had been in residence at Grindale for a few days.

First person I saw on arrival was my pal Tony Dixon! He was fairly gentle with me regarding "the Cuckoo". We soon had a sighting of the bird over the roosting wood...

I spent a very enjoyable afternoon following this bird around the area as it hunted...kestrel like. It was frustratingly hard to get close to however as it ranged over a wide area.

Way up with the crows
It did hover on occasions but only briefly, before moving on.


It would also sit in the hedge for periods but again only distantly...

Tony left around 2.30 but I decided to hang around. The bird of course decided to perch in a distant tree! I decided to try the adjacent country road but still no joy. Then I picked it up hovering, again distantly.

The next half hour was simply exhilarating as the bird performed brilliantly. Perching in the hedge, flying low along the road in front of the car, even pouncing Kestrel like into the grass verge. BRILLIANT!!!

No apologies for a couple more shots...

Might go back tomorrow...

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