Saturday, 18 October 2014

Postcard from SCILLY

View of Penninis Head and St Agnes from Morning Point

Landed and connected, after an up and down start to the day. 
We arrived at Land's End around 10.30pm and checked into our B&B. The weather was foul most of the way down...strong wind and driving rain. We'd checked on-line to discover that flights and sailings had been cancelled on Friday so we feared the worst as we ate breakfast. A 5 minute drive had us at the airport for 7.45am. It was uncomfortably quiet as I parked the car. No sign of any planes but there was a minibus?  

I entered the reception area to join Louise and spotted some familiar faces from previous years. After a short chat it became obvious that we were "on hold". Strong cross winds on St Mary! The Spewllonian was sailing at 10, this wasn't an option for us. Many fellow travellers disagreed and off they went...all the best!

A further chat with the girl on the desk revealed that the chances of flying today were "slim" and there would be no flights on Sunday! Therefore 2 DAYS down the drain. Miraculously shortly after the minibus had dis-appeared we were asked to check our luggage in. Next news we were in the departure lounge...and away!

A strange sequence of events with many theories being aired. I couldn't have cared less...we were GOING!!

We landed around 11 and checked in the flat.

That's that. The birds? Nothing to report I'm afraid. I had a go for the Barred Warbler near the Health Centre and the R.B.
Fly on the Garrison. No joy.

To be honest I'm just glad we're here! The real stuff starts tomorrow...hopefully?

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