Friday, 31 October 2014


I was halfway back from a mis-guided attempt (very poor weather) to get further views (greedy?) of the RLB at Grindale when the MEGA alert sounded...


Now I like to think my local geography is pretty good but I admit to not knowing if this location was north or south of the Tees. VERY important to Yorkshire listers as south of the Tees is historical countable!

It was!!!

Oh dear...I thought to myself. No chance today (yesterday) as I started work at 3. More good luck, as if it had broke earlier I was north of Bridlington and would have had a chance.

With the help of my good lady who drove, I was in position at dawn (well just after) and after an initial rare bird chase...or hobble in my case...I connected with this little gem.

Maybe a nice finish to the season?

Just received this pic from Richard Willison

Cheers pal

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