Monday, 20 October 2014

Calm before the Storm

Pre-breakfast walk produced a Med' Gull on Porthcressa...

We decided to have a trip to Tresco...

View across to Bryer
Slow again I'm afraid. I'd love to be waxing lyrical about all the great birds I've seen...alas not today. Highlight was a Kingfisher on the off island rocks! A couple of Kittiwakes on the return journey were notable.

As we approached St Mary's a familiar sight came into view...

my favourite aspect, as it disappears!
Finished off trying for the Barred Warbler in the quarry at Carn Gwarval, a site incidentally I'd never visited before. It wasn't to be. A report of a Short-eared Owl on the airport pricked my ears up as this would have been a Scilly tick, but I couldn't get "on it".

Trip total...51

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