Friday, 3 October 2014

Bright and breezy

Spent the morning on the beach with Bud trying to blow a cold away. A kind passenger decided to share it with me! Glorious day with a warm southerly. Not great for finding migrants but there's plenty of time yet. It soon became noticeable that waders and ducks were moving South at varying distances.

c200 Scoter in small groups...

I accidentally caught the zoom lever which advanced the camera to digital. Not great but better than I thought it would be at 48x hand held in strong wind..

plus a couple of Teal!
These birds were a fair way out.

It even picked a Sanderling out...

A few groups of juvenile Dunlin passed closer...

buff heads
Distant Wigeon brought into focus, again with digital zoom...

I got a text this morning from Gavin..."Great kingfisher record for Skeffling. I lived there over 25 years and must have walked that drain hundreds of times with no luck". Seems I was VERY lucky. I guess every sighting has to be taken in context. It's not necessarily what you see...but where you see it. I tell myself this every time I'm on the clifftop!!

Well, the magic month is upon us. What delights will it bestow on us? Time will tell. On-line forums have gone into melt down with many ABA species mentioned (every Wood Warbler?) amongst bragging rights. Correct strategy and luck are needed to connect with the inevitable BIG ONE. As already mentioned I'll be marooned on Scilly from the 18th BUT I could be in the right place?

Good Hunting to you all...that's if you're a twitcher of course!

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