Thursday, 2 October 2014

A few bits...

Spent some time on the Humber these past few evenings. First at Skeffling. Only had the last knockings of light and wasn't optimistic about seeing anything of note...but there's a dog that needs exercising! He was just hopping in the car when I noticed a couple of Little Egrets making there way West. Then at 6.46 I heard a high pitched peep and a Kingfisher popped over the floodbank and landed in the drain. Nice surprise! A total of 10 Little Egrets counted.

Seeing these Egrets obviously going to roost yesterday evening, I tried Patrington Haven tonight. Maybe I could improve my count? I arrived about 6.15, set my scope up...and waited.

A group of 11 at 6.35pm

TWENTY SEVEN counted altogether...and I could have missed a few in the fading light. A fine sight indeed and a great success story for the County.

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