Thursday, 24 July 2014

LBBG...The full story

Time to put this one to bed...for now at least!

As previously mentioned I found three breeding pairs, two in With' and one on Hedon rd, Hull. I've already posted a few shots but here's one more of the three healthy birds on Hollym rd...

As far as I'm aware the two youngsters on Hedon rd made it also.

Unfortunately the two birds on Bannister St didn't fare as well. If only for the record I have to report that both birds have damaged wings. They probably fell off the chimney stack when they became to big.

I see the family every time I park my car for work and have admired the devotion of both adults in their protection of the fledglings from the aggressive neighbouring Herring Gulls. I hasten to add there is no problem here as even though they are of slightly slimmer build they are most definitely the dominant Gull. I've seen plenty of evidence of this!

This past week it's been hard watching the two young birds waddling around the street with a wing drooping on the floor with no chance of getting airborne and away from danger. Also, the adults are still on patrol being very loyal but the situation seems hopeless.

Yesterday was my last long shift and I'd had enough. I made a few phone calls to wildlife sanctuaries but none convinced me enough to consider them. I then rang the vet which I took last years casualty too...

...and again they said they'd take them. Chances of healing are slim apparently, but for me it's better to try and see if they can fly again rather than confine them to a flightless existence. They also said they could be relocated if treatment was successful.

Anyway....As I returned to my car I noticed a lady feeding them. I had a quick chat with her and she told me that they were (unsurprisingly) being hassled by teenagers.

So this morning at 6 I made my way back to Bannister St to (hopefully) catch them and take them to the Vet...


I can only surmise as to where they are? They had been very loyal to one driveway. I looked extensively but couldn't locate them. I will look again. Maybe someone else has sorted it...he says optimistically. I don't really want to dwell on other scenarios...if you get my drift.

To be honest I wish they would relocate as I can only see this situation recurring constantly. The chosen site isn't big enough to support large chicks.

As I was getting back in my car I noticed an adult flying to the Chimney with nesting material!!!

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