Tuesday, 29 July 2014

LBBG finale

Busy few days with relatives. Great time though.

I'd checked on the LBBG young on Bannister St a couple of times but couldn't locate them? I feared the worst as I couldn't believe a miracle had happened and they were suddenly airborne! Anyway, yesterday I had more luck as they were miraculously back in the same spot...albeit still grounded. I watched briefly as one bird made brief flights, gaining height to around 15 ft. Encouraging. It's wing didn't seem to droop as markedly as previously. The younger bird didn't look as perky however.

I'd received a Facebook message from Tim Jones who's now assistant warden at Spurn to say he'd take them down there if I wanted. It was a tough call as I was reluctant to separate them from their parents who'd worked tirelessly protecting them. The clincher was the fact that even the stronger bird didn't fly when I approached it closely in the driveway. We feared that a cat/dog etc might get hold of them. So Tim netted them and after stopping at Tesco for some fish...

they're now residing in luxury (amongst the washing) at Kew...


It'd be great if they made it and could be returned to With for release.

Time will tell...

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